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  • Matt Sugden

Building the IKEA trolley in VR one bit at a time

Currently with my attachment logic, I can attach all the components in any order, which is a bit ad hoc. I've managed to create a process which builds up the whole assembly, with the exception of all 24 bolts, as there are so many of them overall, I want to make sure the sequence is correct before I replicate the code structure for them all.

It turns out that the hierarchy of the components in UE4 is an essential ingredient of this construction sequence, to enable the logic to pass on, something which I have historically taken for granted when producing 3D animations, as I usually unconsciously control the hierarchy when I create the animation key frames manually. Therefore I have had to start thinking about the correct order for assembling things.

Additionally for the assembly guide to be useful, I need to start thinking about the correct build sequence, and therefore I need to add some logic at the beginning and end of each block to trigger on screen instructions to tell us with the correct sequence, and to force the user to build the trolley in the correct order..

So far I am thinking that the process will be;

  1. Placing L brackets to the inside of the top support shelf

  2. Placing the wooden worktop to the support shelf

  3. Placing a leg to the top support shelf

  4. Placing and then electric screwing in 2 locator bolts for the leg

  5. Repeating steps 3-4 for the 3 remaining legs

  6. Placing L brackets to the inside of the middle shelf

  7. Positioning the middle shelf onto the main structure

  8. Placing and then electric screwing in 8 locator bolts for the middle shelf

  9. Placing L brackets to the inside of the bottom shelf

  10. Positioning the bottom shelf onto the main structure

  11. Locating a caster wheel on the 1st leg

  12. Positioning a washer to the caster wheel thread

  13. Placing a nut on the caster wheel thread

  14. Securing the caster wheel and washer to the leg with a nut, using a wrench

  15. Repeating steps 11-14 on the remaining edge panels

Below is a screen shot of the logic building up for the individual components of the Master model.

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